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A stick figure smiling

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1. inspect, don’t squash

Try to fix the bug (crossed out, bad)
Understand what happened (checkmarks, smiley faces)

2. Being stuck is temporary.

person (thinking): I WILL NEVER FIGURE THIS OUT
… 20 minutes later…
person (thinking): Wait, I haven’t tried X…

3. Trust nobody and nothing

person (thinking): This library can’t be buggy…
person (thinking): Or CAN IT???
(slowly growing horror)
off to the side, a bug looks on, with a sneaky expression

4. It’s probably your code

person (thinking): I KNOW my code is right
… 2 hours later …
person (thinking): Ugh, my code WAS the problem?!!?

5. don’t go it alone

person 1: “WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?”
person 2: “What if we try X?”

6. There’s always a reason.

A computer, illustrated by a box with a smiley face, surrounded by ones and zeros: Computers are always logical, even when it doesn’t feel that way.

7. Build your toolkit

person (thinking, holding a box labelled TOOLZ): “wow, the CSS inspector makes debugging SO much easier”

8. It can be an adventure.

person: “You wouldn’t BELIEVE the weird bug I found!”
adorable weird bug, standing beside them: hi!

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