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HTTP requests always have: - a domain (like - a resource (like /cat.png) - a method (GET, POST, or something else) - headers (extra information for the server)

There’s an optional request body. GET requests usually don’t have a body, and POST requests usually do.

This is an HTTP 1.1 request for It’s a GET request, which is what happens when you type a URL in your browser. It doesn’t have a body.

GET /cat.png HTTP/1.1   
User-Agent: Mozilla...   
Cookie: .....   

GET = method (usually GET or POST)
/cat.png = resource being requested
HTTP/1.1 = HTTP version = domain being requested, header
User-Agent: Mozilla… = header
Cookie: ..... = header

Here’s an example POST request with a JSON body:

POST /add_cat HTTP/1.1
content type of body
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 20

{“name”: “mr darcy”}

POST = method
Host: = header
Content-Type: application/json = content type of body, header
Content-Length: 20 = header

{"name": "mr darcy"} = request body: the JSON we’re the server sending to

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