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The flip side of “figure out what things they’re great at” is that there are always going to be things your manager I can’t help you with. When that happens, there are a few choices: 1. Get mad that they can’t help 2. Resign yourself to not getting help with those things 3. Find help elsewhere!!!

Lara Hogan (her blog is GREAT) has an amazing blog post called “When your manager isn’t supporting you, build a Voltron” about building a crew of people with lots of different skills who you can ask for help! Some of her tips: - figure out what you need help with before asking. Use their time well!` - focus on problem solving, not venting

Illustration of a big cool robot with wings, holding a big sword. Various parts of its body are labelled with the points below.

A Voltron is a robot built out of several other robots - works in a different field - awesome at communication - more experience than me has a useful bingo card!

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