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cat concatenates files

$ cat myfile.txt prints contents of myfile.txt|

$ cat *.txt prints all .txt files put together!

you can use cat as an EXTREMELY BASIC text editor:

  1. Run $ cat > file.txt
  2. type the contents (don’t make mistakes (smiley face))
  3. press ctrl+d to finish

cat -n

prints out the file with line numbers!

  1. Once upon a midnight..
  2. Over many a quaint.
  3. While I nodded, nearly


cats a gzipped file!

Actually just a 1-line shell script that runs gzip -cd, but easier to remember.


tee file.txt will write. its stdin to both stdout and file.txt

stdin > tee a.txt > stdout and a.txt

how to redirect to a file owned by root

$ sudo echo "hi">> x.txt

this will open x.txt as your user, not as root, so it fails!

$ echo "hi" I sudo tee -a x.txt will open x.txt as root (smiley face)

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