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illustrtion of a laptop. its keyboard just says QWERTY.

the basics: dig @SERVER TYPE DOMAIN

(SERVER and TYPE are both optional)


dig @ NS
dig TXT
dig @

default type: A
default server: from /etc/resolv.conf
(on Linux)

tip: put +noall +answer in your ~/.digrc

This makes your output more readable by default, and you can always go back to the full output with dig +all.

dig +noall

Hide all output. Useless by itself, but dig +noall +authority will just show you the “Authority” section of the response.

dig +short DOMAIN

Only show the record content.

$ dig +short

dig +trace DOMAIN

Traces how the domain gets resolved, starting at the root nameservers.

This avoids all the caches, which is useful to make sure you set your record correctly.

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