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When you make DNS changes for your domain, you’re editing a DNS record

Туре: A
Name (subdomain): paw
Use @ for root IPv4 address:
TTL: 1 min

Here’s what the same record looks like with dig
(we’ll explain dig on page 18)

$ dig +noall +answer 60 IN A

DNS records have 5 parts

  • name (eg
  • type (eg CNAME)
  • value (eg
  • TTL (eg 60)
  • class (eg IN)

different record types have different kinds of values: A records have an IP address, and CNAME records have a domain name.


When you create a record, you’ll usually write just the subdomain (like paw).

When you query for a record, you’ll get the whole domain name (like


“time to live”. How long to cache the record for, in seconds.


“IN” stands for “INternet”. You can ignore it, it’s always the same.

record type

“A” stands for “IPv4 Address”.

the IP address we asked for!

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