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panel 1: you can see for yourself how git is storing your files!

You just need one command: git cat-file -p

First, get a commit ID. You can get one from git log

panel 2: read the commit

$ git cat-file -p 3530a4
tree 22b920
parent 56cfdc
author Julia <> 1697682215 -0500
committer Julia <> 1697682215 -0500

panel 3: read the directory

$ git cat-file -p 22b920
100644 blob 4fffb2 	.gitignore
100644 blob e351d9 	404.html
100644 blob cab416 	Cargo.toml
100644 blob fe442d      hello.html
040000 tree 9de29f 	src

panel 4: read a file

$ git cat-file -p fe442d
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

panel 5: and we’re done!

fe442d is the sha1 hash of the contents of the file. It’s called a “blob id”.

this is how git keeps things efficient: it only needs to make a new copy when the file changes

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