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find searches a directory for files

find /tmp -type d -print
tmp: directory to search
-type d: which files
-print: action to do with the files

There are my favourite find arguments!


case insensitive
the filename! eg
-name '*.txt'

-path /-ipath

search the full path!
-path /home/*/*.go

-type [TYPE]

f: regular file
d: directory
1: symlink
and more!

-maxdepth NUM

only descend NUM levels when searching a directory.

-Size O

find empty files! Useful to find files you created by accident


action: run COMMAND on every file found


print null-separated filenames
Use with xargs -O!


action: delete all files found


The locate command searches a database of every file on your system.

good: faster than find
bad: can get out of date

$ sudo updatedb

updates the database

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