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A grid of boxes, like a bingo card, with the following text in them:

  • WTF is detached HEAD state
  • just use magit
  • subversion was so much worse
  • rewriting history is bad
  • I just do not care how git works
  • I hate git
  • git is a directed acyclic graph
  • I only know 5 commands
  • just spend 15 minutes learning git’s internals
  • content addressed storage
  • git’s design is so elegant
  • you have to understand the linux kernel dev workflow
  • a branch is just a pointer to a commit
  • something about “porcelain”
  • subversion was better
  • I’ve used git for 10 years and I have no idea how it works
  • mercurial is better
  • git is not github
  • the CLI is badly designed
  • merge sucks, only use rebase
  • something about Linus Torvalds
  • commits are immutable snapshots
  • you should just read Pro Git
  • rebase sucks, only use merge
  • I just delete my git repo if I mess it up

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