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One of my favorite tools for learning is asking questions of all the awesome people I know!

what’s a good question?

good questions:

  • are easy for the person to answer
  • get you the information you’re looking for

Here are some strategies for asking them:

  • state what you know
    person 1: so, I know when the database gets a lot of writes, the hard drive can’t keep up.
    person 2: that’s right! I don’t think that was) our problem, though. Look at this…

This helps because: - I’m forced to think about what I know - I’m less likely to get answers that are too basic or too advanced

Guessing the answer: - makes me think! - helps my coworker see what kind of answer I’m looking for

guess what the answer might be
person 1: Do we have 5 load balancers because we get a lot of HTTP requests?
person 2: actually, we just want to be sure it’s ok if one goes down.

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