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Yes! It’s called git reflog and it logs every single thing you do with git so that you can always go back.

Suppose you ran these git commands:

git checkout my-cool-branch (1)
git commit -am "add cool feature" (2)
git rebase master (3)

Here’s what git reflog’s output would look like.
It shows the most recent actions first:

245fc8d HEAD @{2} rebase -i (start): (3) checkout master
b623930 HEAD @{3} commit: (2) add cool feature
01d7933 HEAD @{4} checkout: (1) moving from master to my-cool-branch

If you really regret that rebase and want to go back, here’s how:

git reset --hard b623930
git reset --hard HEAD@{3}
2 ways to refer to that commit before the rebase

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