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When a resolver gets a DNS query, it has 2 options:

Illustration of a resolver, represented by a box with a smiley face holding a magnifying glass.

resolver: I could tell you what the authoritative nameservers, said… or I could LIE!

block ads / malware

Illustration of conversation between a resolver and a a browser, represented by the Firefox logo of a fox wrapped around a globe

browser: what’s the IP for
(ad domain, definitely exists)
resolver: that domain doesn’t exist

PiHole blocks ads this way.

reason to lie: to show you ads (rude!)

browser: what’s the IP for
(doesn’t exist)
resolver: here’s an IP that will show you ads!

This is called “DNS hijacking”.

reason to “lie”: internal domain names

browser: what’s the IP for
(doesn’t exist on the public internet)
corporate resolver: here’s an internal IP address!

reason to lie: airport DNS resolvers sometimes lie

browser: what’s the IP for
airport resolver: you didn’t log in yet so I will lie! here is our login page’s IP!

how does your computer know which resolver to use?

When you connect to a network, the router tells your computer which search domain and resolver to use (using DHCP).

Illustration of a router, represented by a box with antennae and a smiley face

router: search domain: lan

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