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I used to often get stressed out about whether the way I was prioritizing my work was reasonable.

Illustration of a stick figure with short curly hair, looking uneasy.

person: I’m spending a lot of time on X and no time on Y. I hope that’s okay!!!!

Everything got easier once I could just: 1. come up for a plan for what to prioritize 2. tell my manager the plan and ask if it sounds good 3. trust them when they say yes

Illustration of two stick figures talking. The employee has short curly hair, and the manager has no hair.

employee: this quarter I’m planning to get BIG PROJECT done and spend time with my intern. I’m not planning to work on OTHER PROJECT at all.
manager: sounds good! Just do X too?

Setting expectations is awesome because: - I feel confident that my plans are reasonable - my manager is aware of what I’m planning and can coordinate

Everybody wins!!!

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