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Let’s start with some fundamentals! If you understand the basics about how git works, it’s WAY easier to fix mistakes. So let’s explain what a git commit is!

Every git commit has an id like 3f29abcd233fa, also called a SHA (“Secure Hash Algorithm”).

A SHA refers to both: - the changes that were made in that commit (see them with git show) - a snapshot of the code after that commit was made

No matter how many weird things you do with git, checking out a SHA will always give you the exact same code. It’s like saving your game so that you can go back if you die You can check out a commit like this:
git checkout 3f29abk

SHAS are long but you can just use the first 6 chars

This makes it way easier to recover from mistakes!

person at 10 am: ok, let’s commit, that’s a2992b
person at 11 am: I really screwed up this file, let’s go back to the version from a2992b

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