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A stick figure smiling

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the loud newbie

newbie: wait, HOW does X work??
other person, thinking: I’m so glad they asked, I was wondering that too…

the grumpy old timer

new person: X is so cool!
grumpy old timer: it is! let me tell! you about some ways it can break though….

the bug chronicler

that bug was so gnarly, I’m going to write an EXTREMELY CLEAR description of what happened so we I can all learn from it

the documentarian

person 1: here’s how you do X…
documentarian: I’ll put those instructions in our wiki!

the “today I learned…”

I just learned this cool new tool…
check out this weird bug!

the “I’ve read the entire internet”

person: how does X work?
TAB GIRL: ah, I read about that recently… here’s a link from my 200 browser tabs

the tool builder

everyone keeps getting confused by X! I’m going to fix it with CODE.

the question answerer

person 1: hey can you explain how X works?
question answerer: I would LOVE to

blank final panel


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