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A stick figure smiling

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panel 1

two stick figures talking. the first one is bald and looks unhappy. the second one has short curly hair and is smiling.

person 1: I can’t start my server because it says something is using port 8080!

person 2: 1. Use ss (“socket statistics”) to find the process ID using the port 2. Kill the other process!

* tuna, please! *

$ ss -tunapl
(the ‘a’ here doesn’t do anything)

This is my favourite way to use ss! It shows all the running servers.


use numeric ports (80 not http)


show PIDs using the socket

TONS of information

-i -m -o
(-i is in a spiky bubble, -m is in a cloud bubble, and -o is in a heart)

which sockets ss shows

listening or connections (non-listening/established)?

default: connections
-1: listening
-a: both

which protocols?

default: all
-t: TCP
-u: UDP
-X: unix domain Sockets


netstat -tunapl and ss -tunap! do the same thing

netstat is older and more complicated. If you’re learning now I’d recommend ss!

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