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ssh keys

An ssh key is a secret key that lets you SSH to a machine

person: hello!
ssh: That’s on my list of authorized keys! come in!


This script installs your SSH key on a host (over SSH)

$ ssh-copy-id user@host (puts it in .ssh/authorized-keys etc)

installing a SSH key is surprisingly finicky so this script is helpful!

port forwarding

ssh - Nfl 

3333 = local port 8888 = remote port

Lets you view a remote server that’s not on the internet in your browser.

just run 1 command

$ ssh user@host uname -a
runs the command uname -a & exits.


remembers your SSH key passphrase so you don’t have to keep typing it


~. closes the SSH , connection. Useful if it’s hanging!


ssh alternative: keeps the connection open if you disconnect + reconnect later


Lets you set, per host: - Username to use. - SSH key to use - an alias!

so you can type $ ssh ALIAS instead of ssh user@very

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