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to make a subdomain, you just have to set a DNS record!

To set up, create a DNS record like this in your authoritative nameservers: A

yourdomain is the name
A is the record type is the value

there are 2 ways a nameserver can handle subdomains

  1. Store their DNS records itself

nameserver, represented by a box with a smiley face wearing a crown: here’s the IP for!

  1. Redirect to another authoritative nameserver

(this happens if you set an NS record for the subdomain, it’s called “delegation”)

nameserver: ask this other DNS server instead!

you can create multiple levels of subdomains

For example, you can make:

up to 127 levels is allowed!

www is a common subdomain

Usually and point to the exact same IP address.

If you wanted to confuse people, you could make them totally different websites!

panel 5

Illustration of a smiling stick figure with curly hair.

person: I love using subdomains for my projects (like because they’re free, I can give a subdomain a different IP, and it keeps projects separate.

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