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To wrap up, let’s talk about one last wizard skill: confidence. When there’s a hard project, sometimes I think:
maybe someone better than me should work on this?

and I imagine this magical human: - codes really fast - knows everything about every technology - understands the business well - great communicator - has time for the project - 20 years of experience

But in programming: - we’re changing the tech we use all the time. - every project is different, and it’s rarely obvious how to do it. - there aren’t many experts, and they certainly don’t have time to do everything.

So instead, we have me: - learns fast - works hard - 6 years of experience - good at debugging

I figure “someone’s gotta do this’ write down a plan, and get started! A lot of the time, it turns out well. I learn something and feel a little more like a WIZARD.

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