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Buy one give one: Hell Yes! CSS!

Hello! I have a policy with my zines that for every zine I sell, I aim to give away a free copy to someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

how it works: the honour system

This whole system runs on the honour system: please only take a free copy if $12 is a lot of money for you (or because it’s impossible for you to buy one for some other reason)!

How to get a free copy

There are no more free copies left right now. I’ll announce when there are on twitter

How to add copies to give away

If you buy a copy of Hell Yes! CSS!, I’ll add another zine to the pile of copies to give away. (and if your company buys a corporate version, I’ll add a bunch of copies – the cost of the corporate version divided by $12!)

thanks for your support

It’s because of everyone who buys zines that I’m able to do these giveaways! Because of everyone’s support, I’ve been able to give away more than 10,000 zines over the years. Thank you so much.

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