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A stick figure smiling

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border has 3 components

border: 2px solid black;

is the same as

border-width: 2px; 
border-style: solid; 
border-color: black;

border-style options

  • solid
  • dotted
  • dashed
  • double

(each word is surrounded by the border it describes)

  • lots more (inset, groove, etc)


you can set each side’s border separately:

     2px solid black;


border-radius lets you have rounded corners

border-radius: 10px;

border-radius: 50%; will make a square into a circle!


lets you add a shadow to any element

box-shadow: 5px 5px 8px black;
the first “5px” is the x offset, the second “5px” is the x offset, “8px” is the blur radius, and “black” is the color.


outline is like border, but it doesn’t change an element’s size when you add it

outlines on :hover/: active help with accessibility: with keyboard navigation, you need an outline to see what’s focused

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