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A stick figure smiling

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panel 1: web design is really hard

Illustration of a stick figure with short curly hair, looking pensive.

person (thinking): “wow, forms are way more complicated than I thought”

panel 2: writing CSS is also hard

person (thinking): “ok, how exactly does flexbox work again?”

panel 3: remember that they’re 2 different skills

person (thinking): “hmm, I have NO IDEA what I want this site to look like, maybe that’s the problem and not CSS”

panel 4: CSS is easier when you have a good design

Illustration of a box with smaller boxes arrayed inside it.

person (thinking, and now smiling): “I can make it look like that!”

panel 5: usually you have to adjust the design

person (thinking): “oh right, I didn’t think about how that menu should look on desktop”

panel 6: sketching a design in advance can help!

Illustration of a box with text reading “title”, and a grid of smaller boxes underneath.

even a simple sketch can help you think!

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