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A stick figure smiling

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CSS seems simple at first

h2 {
font-size: 22px;

Illustration of a smiling stick figure with curly hair.

person: ok this is easy!

and it is easy for simple tasks

image of a page with header and text underneath
a layout like this is simple to implement!

but website layout is not an easy problem

image of a page with a logo, header, text, sidebar, and multiple images
this needs to adjust to so many screen sizes!

the spec can be surprising

CSS 2.1: setting overflow: hidden; on an inline-block element changes its vertical alignment

Illustration of a stick figure with curly hair, looking worried.

person: weird!

and all browsers have bugs

Safari: I don’t support flexbox for <summary> elements
person: ok fine

accept that writing CSS is gonna take time

person: if I’m patient I can fix all the edge cases in my CSS and make my site look great everywhere!

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