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an element’s computed style can change

2 ways this can happen:

  1. pseudo-classes
    (like :hover)

  2. Javascript code

new styles change the element instantly…

a:hover {
   color: red;

the element will turn red right away

unless you set the transition property

a {
   color: blue;
   transition: all 2s;
a:hover {
   color: red;

(”all 2s” = will fade from blue to red over 2s)

transition has 3 parts

transition: color 1s ease;

color: which CSS properties to animate
1s: duration
ease: timing function

not all property changes can be animated….

list-style-type: square;

CSS renderer, represented by a box with a smiley face: I don’t know how to animate that, sorry!

…but there are dozens of properties that can

if it’s a number or color, it can probably be animated!

font-size: 14px;
rotate: 90deg; 
width: 20em;

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