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A stick figure smiling

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duplication is annoying

Illustration of a frowning stick figure with curly hair.

person, thinking: ugh, I have color: #f79 set in 27 places and now I need to change it in 27 places

define variables in any selector

body {
   --text-color: #f79;
body {

(applies to everything)

#header {
--text-color: #c50;

(applies to children of #header)

use variables with var()

body {
   color: var(--text-color);

(variables always start with --)

do math on them with calc()

#sidebar {
  width: calc(
    var (--my-var) + 1em

you can change a variable’s value in Javascript

let root =
   '--text-color', 'black');

changes to variables apply immediately

JS, represented by a box with a smiley face: set --text-color to red

css renderer, also represented by a box with a smiley face: ok everything using it is red now!

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