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Hi! I'm Julia. Here are my programming zines!

The ones with black and white covers are free, and you can buy the ones with colour covers!

Wizard Zines Collection!

Our best-selling collection of zines! You can either buy them individually (for $10-$12 each), or get the whole collection.

Free Zines!

"So You Want To Be a Wizard" is one of my favourites ❤

Free Posters!

Grab 'em, print 'em, share 'em: these are also free!

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How to be a Wizard Programmer

The So you want to be a wizard zine has more on being a wizard ❤.

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Every Linux networking tool I know

Want to learn more about these networking tools but not sure where to start? Bite Size Networking! explains the most important tools from this list with 1 comic per tool. It's a great way to get started.

Saturday Morning Comics!

Love these comics? Want more?

Sign up for the Saturday comics list and I'll send you one of my favourite comics from the wizard zines archives every Saturday. I'll also email you (much more rarely) when I release a new zine.

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